amfepramone-onlineAmfepramone is a drug used for a peroral anti-obesity therapy. Amfepramone was developed in the USA and approved by the FDA in 1959. The first supplier of Amfepramone to the international market was Watson Pharmaceuticals.

Today, Amfepramone is produced by dozens of pharmaceutical companies. Some companies sell Amfepramone under the original trade names, the others under nonproprietary name Amfepramone or an alternative name Diethylpropion.

Tenuate is the most popular trade name of Amfepramone. Not only overweight Americans know this name, but also the purchasers of weight loss products in Canada, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Germany, Ireland and the UK.

It has to be noted that in many countries, the retail sale of Amfepramone drug was stopped over 10 years ago. That is why; millions of people suffering from obesity have a limited access to that anti-obesity drug.

If you want to buy Amfepramone drug but it is not sold in your city, ask your doctor what other drugs you can use instead of Amfepramone. If you are taking Amfepramone but this drug is very expensive at your region, you can find cheap Amfepramone drug on online pharmacy.

The price of Amfepramone drug on online pharmacies is much smaller than at retail pharmacies. Therefore, when you buy Amfepramone online you are able to offset your costs for obesity treatment.

If you decide to order Amfepramone online, but you have never taken this RX anti-obesity drug, please check out the key information about Amfepramone and ask your questions by email. All visitors of online pharmacies have the opportunity to get a free advice from a pharmacist.

Pharmaceutical form

xqzqt51nOn wholesale and retail market, you may find:

  • Amfepramone 25 mg immediate-release tablets
  • Amfepramone 75 mg extended-release tablets

Milligrams indicate Amfepramone dosage in one weight loss tablet. In addition to active ingredient Amfepramone, weight loss pills contain excipients (inactive ingredients). Check out the information on dosage of the active ingredient and excipients, used in the production of tablets, on:

  • “Package Leaflet” (information for consumers)
  • In “Summary of Product Characteristics” (information for professionals)


Amfepramone tablets are used in combination with a well-balanced, hypocaloric diet for a short-term therapy of exogenous obesity. The duration of Amfepramone therapy may vary from a couple of weeks up to three months.

Amfepramone tablets are prescribed to obese patients with BMI not lower than 30. In BMI 27 to 29.9 (overweight, pre-obese), patients should use some alternative weight loss products (Phentermine, Phendimetrazine).

Mechanism of action

3bt5ww86Amfepramone is included in the group of sympathomimetic amines. Drugs of this group are the central nervous system stimulants (CNS), providing an anorexigenic effect. Just as other psychostimulants, Amfepramone not only suppresses the appetite, but causes metabolic and cardiovascular effects.

Contraindications for use

  • Amfepramone tablets stimulate the central nervous system, hence doctors must not prescribe them to obese patients with mental disorders (including drug dependence).
  • Sometimes Amfepramone tablets provide adverse cardiovascular effects, so they must never be prescribed to patients with uncontrolled hypertension, cardiac pathologies and vascular diseases.

This is not a full list of Amfepramone contraindications. To get more information on Amfepramone, please consult your physician or ask your questions by email.

Risk-benefit ratio

The efficiency of Amfepramone tablets has been proven by the trials results and years of experience of using these pills. Amfepramone tablets help to become slimmer within a few months. However, apart from the fact that Amfepramone 25mg and 75mg tablets suppress the appetite, they can cause pulmonary hypertension, valvular heart disease, psychosis and seizures.

Amfepramone tablets are prescribed only if their benefit surpasses the potential risk. For an objective assessment of risk-benefit ratio, a comprehensive medical examination should be administered to obese patients.

Only after the doctor makes sure that Amfepramone is harmless for a patient’s health, he can prescribe these weight loss tablets. One course of anti-obesity therapy may require more than two medical examinations (including echocardiogram, X-ray of chest, blood and urine tests).

satisfaction-guaranteed-urnsnw-custom-serviceAmfepramone on the international market

  • In the EU countries, Amfepramone tablets are known under the trade names: Anorex, Tenuate Retard, Tenuate Dospan, Atractil, Regenon, Delgamer, Prefamone, Dietil-Retard, Moderatan, Dobesin, Menutil, Diethylpropion, Linea Valeas, Linea.
  • In the USA, Amfepramone tablets are known under the trade names: Tenuate, Tenuate Dospan, Tepanil, Tepanil Ten-Tab and Diethylpropion.

If you want to buy Amfepramone at low price, ask your doctor under what trade names cheap Amfepramone are sold in your region.

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