Amfepramone Advantages

Amfepramone is one of the well-known weight loss pills that are used to treat obesity. Unlike other weight loss pills, Amfepramone has been applied to reduce the body mass for over 50 years.

This has got several advantages:

  1. Amfepramone optimal dosage was determined.
  2. Short-term and long-term effects of Amfepramone on the body were studied.
  3. Many clinical trials of Amfepramone were conducted.

The main advantage of Amfepramone is that these weight loss pills work directly in the human brain, due to which patients’ appetite is greatly reduced. When using Amfepramone most people can limit their diet without feeling excruciating hunger pains.

Amfepramone Advantages

Amfepramone slimming pills are designed only for a short-term use.

  • The recommended period of Amfepramone use is 4-6 weeks.
  • Maximum period of Amfepramone use is 3 months.

Amfepramone is prescribed to obese patients, who couldn’t lose weight by means of diets. Amfepramone weight loss pills reduce the appetite maximally, allowing to stick to the strictest diets a patient could only dream of.

The application of Amfepramone allows a patient to control the quantities of food he eats every day and also to limit foods high in fat, proteins and fast carbs.

Other than that, Amfepramone weight loss pills speed up the metabolism. In fact, obese patients often have a metabolic syndrome. Moreover, metabolic impairment the main causes of the appearance and progression of obesity.

Usually, in patients who use Amfepramone, chemical reactions and gastrointestinal tract function are accelerated. Combined with diets, this leads to an increase in the fat burn rate and prevents the formation of new adipose cells.

Amfepramone is produced by various companies and available at pharmacies in two dosages:

Amfepramone 25mg – fast disintegrating tablet.
Amfepramone 75mg – extended-release tablet.

Unlike other weight loss pills (for instance, Phentermine), Amfepramone 25mg can be used 3 times a day, allowing a patient not to feel hungry throughout the day. Amfepramone 75mg weight loss pills can dissolve in the stomach for long time, providing a long-term anorexigenic action.

  • The benefit of Amfepramone slimming pills is that you can buy them by prescription only.

Many patients would like to use nonprescription weight loss drugs, so this benefit may seem dubious to them.

  • However, some people think that patients, who visited a doctor, are more responsible for the treatment of obesity.

Another advantage of Amfepramone slimming pills is that all the patients are recommended to stick to diets and increase their daily physical activity. This helps to change the lifestyle and allows a patient to keep dieting on his own after the termination of Amfepramone therapy.