Amfepramone Dosage

Amfepramone is tablets that are designed for a peroral application, prescribed to people who suffer from obesity. Amfepramone is prescription slimming tablets, therefore to start taking them, a patient needs to be diagnosed obesity (BMI over 30).

Amfepramone (Diethylpropion) is being produced by many pharmacological companies, such as Essential Nutrition Limited, Watson Pharmaceuticals, CorePharma and Avanthi Inc. Regardless of the manufacturer, Amfepramone dosage is either 25mg or 75mg.

Amfepramone 25mg

  • Amfepramone 25mg is the dose of tablets that can rapidly dissolve in the stomach and get into the blood system from there. Most obese patients should take Amfepramone 25mg two or three times a day.

The first Amfepramone 25mg tablet should be taken in the morning. The rest Amfepramone 25mg tablets should be taken throughout a day before the main meals.

Amfepramone should be taken an hour before meal.

It is not recommended to take Amfepramone weight loss pills before an evening meal. This will greatly reduce the risk of insomnia and other sleep disorders.

Do not take more than three Amfepramone 25mg tablets per day.

Amfepramone 75mg

Amfepramone 75mg is tablets that dissolve in the stomach slowly. Patients should take Amfepramone 75mg weight loss tablets in the morning. Amfepramone 75mg acts on the central nervous system and reduces the appetite the better part of the day.

Patients must never chew or break Amfepramone pill, regardless of the dose.

The whole Amfepramone weight loss tablet should be taken with a full glass of water.

In order to increase the efficiency of diet tablets and increase the weight loss rate, it is recommended to take Amfepramone every day at the same time.

Amfepramone Dosage

Please note that Amfepramone can cause a physical and psychological dependence, if taken for long time. Amfepramone diet tablets should be used for 4-6 weeks. Maximum time of Amfepramone use is 3 months.

Sometimes, patients forget to take a dose of Amfepramone. In this case, they should skip the missed dose and continue the treatment course with Amfepramone as was scheduled.

  • Do not take two Amfepramone diet tablets at once.

Overuse of Amfepramone diet tablets is dangerous for health, since it may cause an overdose.

Symptoms of overdose are:

From the central nervous system – involuntary movements of the limbs, hallucinations, temporary loss of consciousness, emotional instability or uncertainty, worsening of the special perception and stability, a permanent and uncontrolled feeling of fear and anxiety.
From the cardiovascular system – a significant increase in the blood pressure irregular heartbeat.
Other symptoms – frequent defecation, vomiting, pain in abdomen and fever (hyperthermia).

If any of the symptoms of Amfepramone overdose occur, patients should visit a doctor or a Poison Control Center.

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