Amfepramone and Other Anorexigenic Drugs

Amfepramone belong to the group of anorexigenic drugs, used for treatment of patients, who were diagnosed obesity. All anorexigenic drugs provoke satiety, reducing the amount of consumed food and influencing on the number food intakes.

Most anorexigenic drugs by their pharmacological effect are similar to Amphetamine, being its derivatives that were chemically modified to reduce their adverse effects.

The most popular anorexigenic drugs are:

  • Amfepramone
  • Phentermine
  • Sibutramine
  • Mazindol
  • Benzphetamine
  • Rimonabant
Amfepramone and Other Anorexigenic Drugs

Just as Amfepramone, Phentermine has been used in the treatment of obesity for over 50 years. Phentermine is available in capsules and tablets at pharmacies. Amfepramone drug is produced and released only in form of tablets.

Thus, Phentermine is the best-selling anti-obesity drug in the USA and Australia.

Sibutramine drug was approved by the FDA in November 1997. It was used to cure obesity. It is believed that cardiovascular risk factors become significantly higher when using Sibutramine. According to the data of 2014, Sibutramine is not used for obesity treatment in the USA, Canada and Europe.

Mazindol was approved by the FDA in June 1937, so today it is not used anymore for obesity therapy all over the USA. Unlike Amfepramone, Mazindol can be prescribed to patients not only in obesity (BMI over 30), but also in overweight (BMI 27 to 30) to patients with high risk factors.

Mazindol is one of the few anorexigenic drugs that do not belong to the group of Amphetamine. In fact, Mazindol is in the group of tetracyclic chemical drugs that are used for obesity treatment in most countries of the world.

The FDA approved Benzphetamine in October 1960. Nowadays, it is sold under the trade names Benzphetamine Hydrochloride and Didrex at the USA pharmacies. Just as Amfepramone, Benzphetamine can be used only by patients who were diagnosed obesity (BMI over 30).

Rimonabant is one of the anorexigenic drugs, which has appeared on the pharmacological market quite recently.

  1. In 2006, Rimonabant hit the shelves of European pharmacies (the UK).
  2. In 2007, the FDA came to the conclusion that Rimonabant manufacturer – Sanofi-Aventis could not provide convincing data on safety and efficiency of Rimonabant.
  3. Today, Sanofi-Aventis does not produce Rimonabant; instead, it is conducting a study on the influence of Rimonabant on patients, who want to quit smoking without gaining extra weight.

Unfortunately, all anorexigenic drugs not just reduce the appetite, but also greatly affect the cardiovascular and nervous system.

  • Those patients, who have any cardiovascular complications (a major part of obese patients), should use anorexigenic drugs with caution.

If you are taking drugs to treat cardiovascular pathology and you want to order Amfepramone on online pharmacy without a prescription, consult a qualified pharmacist before you start the drug therapy. Buying Amfepramone anorexigenic drug online, you can ask any questions you like over phone or via email.