Amfepramone Review

Amfepramone is a centrally acting drug, which is used in treatment of obesity. The mechanism of action of Amfepramone diet drug lies in stimulation of the central nervous system and suppression of hunger in people.

Amfepramone anorexigenic drug, which is familiar to many consumers as Diethylpropion, is a prescription medication and it is available at different retail pharmacies by prescription only.

Those patients, who want to buy Amfepramone quickly, can use online pharmacy service.

  • Before consumers buy Amfepramone online, they should read the information on what ingredients the slimming medicine contains and what side effects Amfepramone weight loss medication can cause.

Generally, Amfepramone side effects occur at the beginning of anti-obesity therapy and they are usually mild.

As it is indicated in Amfepramone reviews, the appearance of side effects depends in many ways on individual features of the body and Amfepramone daily dose a patient uses.

Specialists do not recommend to increase the therapeutic dose of Amfepramone appetite suppressant, otherwise, it may provoke serious side effects and chronic intoxication.

Because Amfepramone has pharmacological and chemical similarities with amphetamine, Amfepramone abuse can cause a psychological dependence and severe social dysfunction of a patient. In order to avoid complications during anti-obesity therapy, patients should stick to the recommended therapeutic dose of Amfepramone.

For European consumer, Amfepramone appetite suppressant is available under the following brand names: Anorex, Linea Valeas, Tenuate Retard, Dobesin, Prefamone, Linea, Apisate, Tenuate Dospan, Inibex-S, Regenon Retard, Regenon, Menutil, Delgamer, Moderatan and Dietil – Retard.

Amfepramone Formula

Almost all the drugs are produced in tablets or capsules in the dosage of 25 mg and 75 mg.

  • Amfepramone Hydrochloride anorexigenic substance is used as an active ingredient in all medications listed above.

Atractil and Diethylpropion Poudre weight management products contain Amfepramone resinate as active ingredient, which provides the same anorexigenic effect as Amfepramone Hydrochloride.

Despite the fact that Amfepramone slimming medicine is not approved for use in many countries of the world, this appetite suppressant is still very popular among obese people of the UK, Australia and Canada. Many of them ask on various weight loss forums – Where to get Amfepramone cheaper?

We can say for sure that the best prices for Amfepramone slimming product can be found on licensed online pharmacies.

Ordering Amfepramone online, a purchaser can save time and money on purchase of Amfepramone weight loss tablets. Moreover, if purchasers have no prescription for Amfepramone they can buy Amfepramone no script on online Drugstore in UK or New Zealand.

If people do not want Amfepramone to cause adverse reaction and harm their health, they should carefully read the instructions for use of this drug and learn the indications and contraindications before buying Amfepramone.