Harmful tips: how to lose 15 kilograms on ice cream and alcohol

Anthony Howard-Crow

Do you still believe that eating products that you really like and losing weight is something from the realm of fantasy? The hero of our material is ready to change your mind.

About five months ago, Anthony Howard-Crow kept to on an unusual weight loss diet, the menu of which consisted of only three products:

  1. ice cream,
  2. protein cocktails,
  3. alcohol.

Surprised? For 100 days, the man ate only the dishes declared, and, nevertheless, he managed to lose 14.5 kilograms.

Back in 2011, the 32-year-old fitness activist from Colorado wanted to show the world that losing weight depends not so much on the quality of food, as it depends on the ratio of its quantity to the level of physical activity. Then, he started his channel on YouTube with the tempting title Abs & Ice Cream.

The first experiment lasted only 30 days, during which Anthony tried to get about 50% of the daily calories from ice cream. As a result, he managed to lose 1 kilogram per week. In the second experiment, which also lasted 30 days, Howard-Crow ate fast food – and lost kilograms at the same rate, one kilogram per week.

But Anthony still wanted to have the 100-day marathon with ice cream, for which he created the YouTube channel. Protein cocktails were included in the diet as a source of protein. As for alcohol, the dietician-experimenter needed it to debunk the myth that a person can not lose weight if he regularly consumes alcohol.

Throughout the entire period, the man closely monitored the amount of calories of his daily menu:

  • 2000 calories he was getting from the ice cream,
  • 500 calories he was getting from a protein cocktail or an alcoh-containing drink.

As we already know, his result was a loss of almost 15 kilograms. The most incredible thing is that medical tests have shown that he also became healthier than he was before the experiment.

In particular,

  • the level of good cholesterol eventually turned out to be higher (and of the bad cholesterol – lower),
  • the level of glucose decreased slightly (given the huge amount of sugar that he consumed).

This, however, is fairly easy to explain, since many health indicators improve automatically as you lose weight.

Despite the fact that such a slimming diet may seem like an endless pleasure, Anthony Howard-Crow would not advise anyone to repeat his marathon. He admitted to Men’s Health that this was the worst diet that he ever tried on himself. The fact is that he:

  • constantly felt tired,
  • became capricious and irritable,
  • began losing interest in everything brought him pleasure before.

For example, Anthony did not even go to the gym during the last month, since he did not have the energy or desire to exercise.

The experimenter also notes that most of the kilograms that he lost were the muscle mass, and not the fat tissue.

I’m still not very skinny, and you can see this by looking at my before and after photos,”

he wrote on his Instagram page.

So why did he need all this anyway? The answer is simple. In such an unusual way, Anthony wanted to show everyone that you can lose weight and in a very effective way, even if you eat something horrible. It is a completely another story that chicken breast with vegetables suits the goal to maintain an optimum energy level a lot better, than burgers and French fries.