Lemon diet: how to lose weight fast without food restrictions

Are you willing to become leaner and healthier? Lemon diet comes to the rescue! Both your body and you will enjoy this weight loss method!

How does the lemon diet work

The key to success lies in vitamin C, which accelerates the fat burning process.

Ascorbic acid also promotes collagen synthesis:

  • skin is toned,
  • silhouette looks slimmer.

Another important aspect is that citrus fruits speed up your metabolism and reduce your hunger.

Lemon Diet

Features of the lemon diet for weight loss

Those who are often tortured by heartburn, or who have other digestion problems, should not abuse citrus fruits. All the rest of us can start their morning with a glass of lemon water, during the entire week.

You should make it as follows:

  • Slice one whole lemon and peel one cucumber.
  • Mince ginger root (slice thickness of 1 cm) and mint leaves.
  • Place them in a jar, pour 2 liters of water, stir and store in the fridge.
  • During a day, you should drink 1.5 liters of this lemonade.
Lemon Diet

Classic lemon diet

This weight loss method is designed for two weeks. The essence consists in daily use of juice, diluted in warm water, with almost no limitations on food.

Here is the 14-days lemon diet:

Day 1 – 1 lemon per 1 glass of water;
Day 2 – 2 to 2;
Day 3 – 3 to 3;
Day 4 – 4 to 4;
Day 5 – 5 to 5;
Day 6 – 6 to 6;
Day 7 – squeeze 3 lemons and mix the juice with 3 liters of water and a tbsp. of honey. Then, the amount is gradually reduced;
Day 8 – 6 to 6;
Day 9 – 5 to 5;
Day 10 – 4 to 4;
Day 11 – 3 to 3;
Day 12– 2 to 2;
Day 13 – 1 to 1;
Day 14 – repeat the seventh day

Classic Lemon Diet

You should drink the juice in the morning on an empty stomach one hour before a meal. Lemon diet can help you get rid of 5 kg in 2 weeks. You do not have to limit yourself in food or count calories. Besides, you can buy lemons in every supermarket at an affordable price.