Proven ways to lose weight at home

lose weight at home

The most effective ways to lose weight at home can be divided into three categories: changes in diet, regular physical activity and psychological work on yourself.

Reasonable diet

With the advent of fashion for fast diets and newfangled food systems, many people have forgotten the simple truth: weight loss occurs due to calorie deficit. However, in order to lose weight without harm to the health, it is important to make the diet menu varied and useful. How to choose safe weight loss method?

The most useful and simple is food system by product group. It is flexible enough, since it allows freedom of choice of food from the proposed category. The diet is built according to the following scheme.

  • Breakfast should be the fullest meal. For this, include carbohydrate and protein foods in it. For example, oatmeal cooked on skim milk and cottage cheese with fruit; protein omelet and a piece of whole grain bread with jam; or a large portion of yogurt with dried fruits and a banana.
  • Choose complex carbohydrates and healthy fats for a snack. The ideal option will be a small handful of dried fruits and nuts or fruit salad and 2 tsp. peanut butter.
  • A proper lunch should consist mainly of complex carbohydrates and proteins. For example, vegetable soup with cereals and a small piece of meat, pasta from hard varieties of wheat with mushrooms and a small piece of cheese.
  • Afternoon snack should be light and contain protein. Drink a glass of low-fat fermented milk product or eat a natural yogurt. If you intolerably want sweet, it is better to pamper yourself in this food intake.
  • At dinner, give preference to protein foods in combination with fresh or stewed vegetables. For example, grilled fish and vegetables; or boiled chicken breast and vegetable salad.

home food

Taking the proposed diet as a basis, form your own plan, try to adhere to it clearly, and do not skip meals. Such a famous means for weight loss, as refuse to eat dinner, will not benefit the body and will negatively affect metabolism.

Plan of home workouts

There is none method of losing weight at home, which does not include sport. How should fat burning workout at home look?

The most effective physical activity is one that combine elements of cardio and strength exercises. Many people deliberately avoid force load, because they do not want to activate muscle growth. However, this tactic is wrong. Only a full workout, which includes all elements, will make it possible to form a beautiful, healthy and harmonious body.

The workout should be built according to the following plan.

  1. Workoutю
  2. Strength interval. Perform 3 exercises for each muscle group (legs, arms, back and press) within 3 minutes.
  3. Cardio – 1 minute of intensive exercises. Jumping, running in place, mill.
  4. Repeat 2 and 3 items 2 more times, after having worked the necessary muscle groups.
  5. Repeat all the intervals 1-2 more times.
  6. Stretching and relaxation.

successful weight loss

One of the most intensive methods of weight loss at home is 3-4 combined workouts per week. If you want to achieve results even faster, add 1 cardio exercise. You can go roller-skating, go for a jog or ride a bicycle.

Psychology of successful weight loss

As you know, slimness begins in your mind. The right attitude is the main way to lose weight at home. It helps to move forward, despite many difficulties. So that the new diet and physical activity bring only positive to the life, psychologists recommend to arm with the following psychological tricks:

  • Do not give up your favorite foods completely. Do not choose a diet in which your favorite food is completely banned. Practice shows that this may lead to diet failure, after which it is rather difficult to return to it or proper nutrition.
  • Leave for tomorrow. If you really want to eat something forbidden in the evening, do not give up and eat it tomorrow in the first half of the day.
  • Small steps. Set small goals and notice even small achievements. Abstained from cake, completed the first week of the diet or successfully completed a difficult exercise? Be sure to please yourself with a pleasant trifle – watch a good movie or go for a massage.
  • Give yourself time. Even if you need to lose only a few pounds, do not rush. Plan to lose no more than 500 grams per week.

Combining the described ways to lose weight at home, you will achieve persistent and impressive results.