Meet various weight loss exercise equipment. Choose for home

You can improve your body at gym or at home. Modern fitness equipment is functional, compact and give great pleasure. You can buy one for home workout or visit the gym. We would like to tell about main groups and types of fitness equipment and their advantages.

  • The first group of fitness equipment.

Cardio equipment. treadmills, exercise bicycles, orbitracks, rowing machines and other equipment. This category of fitness equipment is intended for non-intensive and long-term working out. The group of cardio equipment is very effective in fighting against overweight and burning calories. They help you easily lose weight.

  • The second group of fitness equipment.

It includes weight machines equipped with different levers, counterweights, oriented to individual working out of each muscle. This fitness equipment includes various dumbbells as well. You can use the following popular and practical equipment.

  • The Elliptical machines for weight loss.

This equipment allows to get a perfect body. Working with the Elliptical provides most of the health benefits of jogging. Muscles of the arms and shoulders, glutes, calves, and thighs are worked out at the same time. Metabolism is accelerated and the body’s endurance is increased, an excellent aerobic exercise is provided. Pedaling an elliptical machine burns from 240 to 720 calories for half an hour.

An elliptical machine can be used not only to reduce weight but also to get in shape, as well as to strengthen the heart muscle to prevent heart attack and stroke.

One of the advantages of an elliptical machine is its zero impact movement which means that you can increase your workout without increasing the stress on your joints. In osteoporosis, an elliptical machine helps to progress the disease and to strenghen the bone tissues.

A reliable and high-quality model of the elliptical machine is quite expensive. However, the effect provided is worth it.


Another fitness equipment for weight loss is a treadmill, also considered to be an excellent cardio tool. These machines can be seen in any gym, their role in fighting against overweight is quite important.

And this is its key advantage, besides, you can improve your posture, boost muscular endurance, and strengthen the heart muscle. The load options can be set individually in order to avoid overload and muscle fever.

If you are new in the gym, start with simple walking and gradually increase the load.


A treadmill is the most popular home fitness equipment in the United States.

One hour of training helps to get rid of about 700 calories depending on the individual’s characteristics – height, age, and body weight.


This machine is considered to be relevant at any age, regardless of the physical qualification.

Bicycle exercises help to reduce body weight, to relieve stress, to increase lung capacity and to increase oxygen supply required for the cardiovascular system.

Two types of bicycles are available.

Upright Exercise Bike. This simulates being on a road bike.

Recumbent Exercise Bike. If you like to be comfortable during any workout sessions, you will definitely like a recumbent bicycle. Its chair-like seat provides great support for your back. You don’t feel any strain at all.


The chair-like seat means your hands are completely free. This allows you to do something while bicycling. This model is less traumatic and safe.

Choose a model with the resistance setting. Upon completion of the training, the computer indicates the distance travelled and time spent for cycling. Additional functions may monitor the heart rate and lost calories.

An exercise bike is compact and perfectly work out the feet, back and abs. You can lose about 500 calories for 40 minutes.

Stair Stepper Machine

It has recently burst on the fitness scene and quickly gained popularity.

Its design is quite simple: just two pedals moving independently of each other or requiring to press down on one to raise the other for the next movement (an escalator-type step machine).

  • Exercises are focused upon working out the lower body and strengthening the heart muscle.

If you feel uncomfortable in your knees, a stepper would be useful for you. A stepper simulates feet movements in walking and climbing.

Stair Stepper Machine

A stepper helps tighten and firm up your butt and thighs, and lose about 500 calories for an hour.

Rowing machine

It is one of the best and effective exercises you can do for cardio.

  • One hour rowing burns 600 calories.

A machine engages your arms, legs, back, and core, delivering a great full-body cardio experience. Using a rowing machine helps to tone and build the muscles, to increase the stamina and to strengthen the cardiovascular function.

Rowing machine

Regular rowing helps to work toward the calorie deficit, thus to weight loss. Using a rowing machine is an exercise for endurance that increases the heart function.

Various hand exercisers

We are talking about using expander cables, dumbbells, hula-hoops, gymnastic roller, feetball.

All of them can be considered as a great alternative for heavy trainings.


  • For example, expander exercises help you to avoid overtraining.

These products very well develop muscle of the arms, especially the trunk muscle, and shoulder joint.

Depending on the purpose, the load level, specific set of exercises, and effective number of reps can be selected.

Various hand exercisers

Rules for application of weight loss machines at gym

  • If you have decided to visit a gym, follow the below tips and is recommendations.
  • Visit a gym three times a week. So you can quickly get the maximum effect. Keep a one day break between trainings to rest enough.
  • Workout for one hour.
  • Drink enough water during exercise. It helps to burn calories.
  • Breathe correctly and see your heartbeat.
  • Ask a coach to develop for you an individual training program.

Modern fitness machines make the body trained for heavy trainings.

Use fitness equipment not only for weight loss, but also to feel good and to reduce your stress.